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Who Are We?

It is a big investment to buy a land and build a factory.
It takes considerable time and effort and sometimes you do not have that luxury.

Here, at Amata Summit Ready Built, we provide a solution.

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What Do We Build?

We build “Ready Built” factories, ranging in size from 320 - 5,000 sqm.
Two locations: Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong.

Why is location?

Strategic Location

Amata City Chonburi no. of Factories

760 factories (approx.)

Amata City Rayong no. of Factories

360 factories (approx.)

Why Are We Different?

Our industrial cities are built to create the most productive environment for your business. The infrastructure is fully managed and maintained, either by government or by our own subsidiaries, providing 24-hour support and security.

This means you can concentrate on developing your core business without any worries. We will assist you every step for your company to thrive.

"RotoMetrics chose Amata City Chonburi due to the excellent professional reputation of the Amata City Chonburi site and the Amata Summit management team and also due to the proximity to our customers here in Thailand. The building has served our needs well, our customers are always giving compliments during their regular visits and we hope to be expanding soon."

Mr. Paul McKay
General Manager, Asia

RotoMetrics (SE Asia) Company Limited
Office: +66 38 447487


"APTAR has been at Amata City Chonburi for 8 years already. We have expanded our business and the Amata Management has assisted us at every stage of our growth. The staff is very supportive and attentive to our requirements. I would like to thank Amata for their excellent service and taking care of us"

Mr. Rohit Kachroo
Managing Director

Aptar (Thailand) Ltd.
Tel +66 (O) 38 468 206-9


" MTEC was able to establish in Amata as a place to provide the solution to our customers and we are very grateful for that."

Mr. Takahisa Koike
Deputy Managing Director

MMC Hardmetal (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +66-38-210-728 #210


“Modernized and standardized as those buildings look, we would pay more attention to an appropriateness of the surrounding and infrastructure in Amata City Chonburi as well as the logistical services provided by ASRB, which will, undoubtedly, facilitate, strengthen and promote our career in Thailand. We are expecting to create a brilliant future together with ASRB.”

Mr. Shigenobu Mitani
Representative Director

Sunwill (Thailand) Company Limited