Our Ready Built Factories are designed to accelerate the start-up period for manufacturers and provide more financial flexibility on the investment.

The factories are complete with finished office space, utilities, and landscaping. Extra efforts have been given to creating a design that is not only unique, but also highly functional. Each unit has a sheltered loading/unloading area, a fenced compound, a driveway, a security guard box and car park space. The floor areas for these factories range in size from 320 - 5,000 sqm.

Building Specification


Floor Granite, PVC tile (the load capacity is 300 kg/sq.m.)
Ceiling Gypsum board on T-bar
Wall Concrete hollow w/plaster and paint
Door & Window Aluminum sash (silver) tinted glass, wooden door
Roofing Aluzinc metal roof sheet boltless type Insulation; PE bubbles covered with pure high resistance foil (silver premium)


Office Steel trowel (the load capacity is 2-3 ton/sq.m.)
Ceiling Exposed (Clearance height average 6.7- 6.9 m.)
Wall Concrete hollow w/plaster and paint, Aluzinc metal louver (t = 0.4mm.)
Door & Window Rolling shutter (motor driven), steel door
Roofing Aluzinc metal roof sheet boltless type Insulation; PE bubbles covered with pure high resistance foil (silver premium)


Strategic Location

Strategically located in Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong, customers can easily access Bangkok, Suvannabhumi International Airport and the new Laem Chabang Deep Seaport.

Functional and Fashionable

Have you ever gotten bored by monotonous factory design? Understanding that the factory is where you spend most of your day, we do our best to offer a building with high aesthetic quality.

Natural daylights and Natural Ventilation

In addition to the fact that we are aiming to help our customers reduce energy costs, we also recognize that the workplace environment is one of the most important factors in increasing performance levels.


Maintenance Service

Amata has a clear competitive edge over its peers through its long partnership with customers, strong on-site property management, maintenance service, and its trusted in-house maintenance teams. Along with our full maintenance service, we also offer strong engineering advice to help our investors minimize modification costs and time.


Thailand's fixed line phone system is reliable and easy to use. At Amata City, it is easy to obtain fixed line connections designed to meet your company's needs. Service providers supply connections to the edge of the plot with the number of connections based on the size of the piece of land. Customers can, of course, have changes made to meet their specific requirements.

Internet connections, including Broadband and fiber optic link-ups, are also readily available. As 3G and 4G connections become more readily available in Thailand, an increasing number of people are going to the air to connect to the Internet by using either their mobile phone or an air card as their modem. Whatever form of telecommunication you are interested in, you can obtain it at Amata's industrial estates. And as always, our helpful staff will connect you with the services providers.


Amata Facility Services Company, a subsidiary of Amata PCL, is charged with handling security at Amata's industrial estates. This includes security checkpoints at major entrances, mobile patrols, police boxes throughout the estates and ongoing cooperation with local police.

Road & Common Area

Amata understands the importance of a comprehensive network of main roads and smaller arteries and lanes. Inside Amata’s two estates more than 100 kilometers of roadway have been built to the standards of Thailand's Highway Department and have a minimum load bearing capacity of 21 tons. Branch roads start from a width of 25 meters (two lanes) and extend to 50 meters (four lanes) while main roads are six to ten lanes in width.

Amata also places a priority on making its industrial estates 'green.' It has created numerous green areas in the form of gardens, trees, footpaths and green belts.

All of this is maintained and managed by Amata Facility Service, a subsidiary that takes care of traffic, road safety and road maintenance as well as looking after green areas by cutting grass, watering gardens and generally ensuring the industrial park remains green and beautiful.


Water is an important utility for manufacturers, with quality and supply both being crucial factors. Supply is often a concern in Thailand. Although the country has a monsoon season when it rains heavily, there is also a dry season when it may not rain for weeks or even months. This often creates critical water shortages throughout the country.

To address this issue, Amata has established a subsidiary, Amata Water, to supply all clients with a reliable and constant supply of water through the implementation of our 14 million cubic meter reservoir at Amata Nakorn and a 3.5 million cubic meter reservoir at Amata City.

Amata Water is also responsible for treating and disposing of contaminated wastewater. The company is operating under the concept 'zero waste discharge'. This means that all wastewater will be recycled and used for all kinds of activities such as cleaning and greening common areas.


Businesses and factories cannot operate without a stable and efficient supply of power. At Amata’s two industrial estates, we supply reliable power at 22 or 115KV from two sources: the state-owned electricity producer, the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA), and a small independent producer, Amata B. Grimm Power Limited.

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