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Industial Cities For The Future

Because every business needs a "Home"

Through our long experience in developing industrial properties in the 2 major industrial estates, we are offering our customers a high quality ready built factory and a higher quality of life. The concept is truly unique. Factories are integrated with the infrastructure you will find in any city – residential, financial and leisure –to create a vibrant working community.

Our intention is to provide premium quality ready-built units in various designs and sizes while facilitate the startup process and smoothen the stay of our tenants.

If you are an investor looking for a place to settle your business, let us be a part of your success.

In Sanskrit, ‘amata’ means ‘eternity’. As a company, Amata aims to develop integrated cities that continuously improve, making tomorrow better than today for everyone. Happiness and success go hand-in-hand for Amata’s clients, staff and stakeholders alike…for all eternity.

Vikrom Kromadit

CEO and Founder


Jan, 2016

Launched the 3rd model of a rental factory

April, 2015

Purposed Semi built-to-suit factory of Amata City Rayong

Jun 16, 2015

Amata Summit Growth Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust "Trust" of "REIT" is incorporated in accordance with the Trust for Transactions in the Capital Market Act.

Jun 30, 2015

Listed on the stock Exchange of Thailand under the abbreviated name "AMATAR"

May, 2011

Launched the 2nd model of a rental factory

Aug, 2010

Introduced first energy-saving building

June, 2006

Apartment factories for Japanese SMEs "OTA Techno Park (OTP)" is formed

Jun, 2005

Launched the 1st model of a rental factory

July, 2005

Sign Memo of Understanding with OTA City Industrial Promotion Organization

Sep, 2005

Embarked in Ready Built Factory project in Free Zone, Amata Nakorn

Dec 15, 2004

The company "Amata Summit Ready Built Co., Ltd" was formed

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors firmly believes that a good business model is not about profit making as the sole objective. It believes the means to achieve such profits are equally important or even as crucial in the long run. The Board of Directors, therefore, take into consideration the interests of all its stakeholders together with good moral principles, full transparency, and accountability.

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Awards & Certificate

In the development of the Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong as eco-industrial towns, Amata has engaged in several activities and projects to promote ecology and minimize impact on the environment. As a result of these activities Amata City have been given ECO-Champion Awards for two consecutive years from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.